"Simplicity in performance"



The high quality design and the efficient separation between all 3 modules enables the minimized transport and cross contamination of the liquids for an easier managing of the higher quality results.

1. INPRO TC132-3

No more manual washing and use of too many (dangerous) chemicals for cleaning /reclaiming the screens. Labor savings combined with minimized consumption of the INPRO Chemicals makes for a rapid return on your investment starting from 5 screens/day.

· Fully integrated screen reclaiming solution with three modules for ink cleaning, degreasing, emulsion removal and high-pressure washing

· Complete separation of cleaning modules to prevent cross-contamination

· Highest safety with full CE compliance Recycled and filtered chemical solutions reduce chemical consumption and costs

· Easy to clean tanks with front and rear access

· All tanks have an inclined bottom for easier maintenance

· Compact system allows easy transportation and new levelling feet for easier installation.

· New unique brush system in the ink removal module provides extra cleaning and removal power

· Minimised risk of ghost images Simple design allows for easy operation

· Heavy duty machine which consistently produces reliable quality screens

· Suitable for installation in production areas also due to the high flash point INPRO chemicals

· Environmentally friendly and provides safe working conditions for employees

· Optional repeat function available for when you only need to remove the ink not the emulsion

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simplicity in performance