"Simplicity in performance"

Tigerclean modular systems

Next to the 2 standard machines : The TC132-3 and the Combi-Eco , we offer modular in-line fully automatic machine configurations for automizing your pre- and postpress processes for all different applications.

After analyzing the customers specific application ,we can give the advise for the perfect machine configuration in screen automation. For example, we can produce separate modules, higher machines, dryers , left/right input sides and many other possibilities for screen volumes of 5-1000 screens per day. Also the advantage is , that with the INPRO Tigerclean series , you are able to extend with extra modules in the future. The INPRO machines are designed and produced in Holland.Ther INPRO solutions stand for the highest quality, safety, conform with the CE/UL/CSA , and must be simple in use and maintenance with a high performance and low cost per screen for a quick ROI. Therefore we say: Simplicity in Performance.

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