"Simplicity in performance"

Posterama Screen Productions

"Posterama Screen Productions, industrial screen printer in Heerenveen Holland, supplies transfers, inmoldlabels and printed electronics labels. After 17 years working with full satisfaction it became time to trade in the old Inpro machine for the new Tigerclean TC110-3Eco. Almost obviously was chosen for the Inpro TC110-3Eco: smaller, simple in use, better cleaning quality, more efficient and more environmentally friendly to use. Frans-Theo Niemeijer (Director) praises the good design and the highly efficient operation of this machine: "at that time we were one of the first who purchased an Inpro machine and we were never disappointed . With the Tigerclean TC110-3Eco we experience that Inpro made over the years substantial steps forward. Up to the smallest details is thought about and many improvements are made that give direct practical use, like a better cleaning quality , less consumption, cleaner and a more simple machine ".As an innovative company (Erasmus Innovation Award finalist 2016) we choose innovative partners , for whom good is not good enough. INPRO has once again proven to be such a partner."