"Simplicity in performance"


The Cost and Time-saving Solution for Large Format Screen, Digital and Offset POP/POS Printers


Key Benefits:

The perfect companion product for all high-production Large Format Special Cutters wide-format and XXL printers including HPTM, AgfaTM, FujiTM, EFI VutekTM, DurstTM and many others.
The Inpro Large Format Special Cutters easily keep pace with Large Format printers that print in high production speed and the Inpro special cutters will take away the bottleneck in finishing.

• Full color touchscreen interface allows fast, simple and efficient operation to increase accuracy and prevent costly mistakes. Computer stores up to 2970 cutting positions allowing repeat jobs to be processed quickly and efficiently.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters technology allows accurate and clean cutting of almost all POP/POS substrates produced by Large Format Screen, Digital and Offset printing equipment.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters offer fully variable clamp pressure and adjustable speed and power of the knife allowing damage free cutting of challenging substrates including: pvcfoam, styrene,polycarbonates , corex, forex, corrugated ,cardboard etc.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters range from 2200mm up to 5300mm allowing easy inside the cutter 360o turning of substrates including industry standard 160 x 320cm boards for maximum productivity. When compared to smaller cutters that require Very Large Format substrates to be fully removed from the cutter before turning, as much as 60% productivity improvement is achieved.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters feature the highest quality cutting blades to provide long life between sharpening processes.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters meet the highest safety standards (CE and EN1010 Approved) through complete safety interlocks for back covers, two-hand controls, a light safety barrier, safety devices, easy knife changing, safetypin and easy touchscreen interface.
• Inpro Large Format Special Cutters optimize the finishing operation for all square cut XXL projects allowing our customers to realize greater profits on the jobs they produce.
• All stainless steel air-cushion air tables allow for easier

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Simplicity in performance