"Simplicity in performance"


When you are looking to reduce your labor time and work more efficiently, the Combi-Eco is the perfect fit!

1. INPRO combi-eco

The fully automatic TC Combi-Eco system offers screen developing as well as highpressure rinsing/washing for cleaning screens. Next to the stand-alone version the TC Combi-Eco can also be connected with the optional in-line UV LED exposure system.

· Fully automatic highpressure wash for cleaning the screens

· Fully automatis screen exposure & developing

· no dedicated people needed for developing finer mesh

· Labor saving for all water rinse needed in pre- & postpress

· Highest results due to also the specialized nozzle system

· Safer working conditions.

· Simple design and easy to use and maintain

· Heavy duty machine build with A1 parts

· Budget priced machine with a fast ROI of 1-5 years

· Customer can install this plug&play Combi-Eco machine

· Inpro technology 'Simplicity in Performance'

· Highest safety and marked CE

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simplicity in performance

Simplicity in Performance

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